How to select an element in component template angular

How to select an element in component template angular

In this article let’s understand how to select an element in component template angular.

To select an element in a component template in Angular, you can use the ViewChild decorator along with the ElementRef class. Here’s how you can do it:

Import the necessary modules and classes:

import { Component, ViewChild, ElementRef } from '@angular/core';

Decorate a property in your component using ViewChild and specify the element to be selected using a template reference variable:

@ViewChild('myElement') myElement: ElementRef;

In the above example, myElement is the name of the property that will hold a reference to the selected element. myElement should be a template reference variable assigned to the desired element in your template.

In component’s template, we will assign the template reference variable to the desired element using the # symbol:

<div #myElement>...</div>

We’ve assigned the template reference variable myElement to a <div> element, but you can assign it to any HTML element or component.

Access the selected element in your component’s code:

ngAfterViewInit() {
  // Perform operations on the selected element

In the ngAfterViewInit lifecycle hook, you can access the selected element using this.myElement.nativeElement. The nativeElement property provides access to the underlying DOM element, allowing you to manipulate it or access its properties and methods.

Remember that the ngAfterViewInit hook is used because it guarantees that the view has been initialized and the selected element is available.

It is not best practice in Angular to manipulate DOM directly. We recommended to use data binding and component interaction for most scenarios. However, there may be situations where direct DOM manipulation is necessary.

That’s how you can select an element in a component template using ViewChild and ElementRef in Angular.

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